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Text and Data Mining (TDM)

API Overview

*Please note* - The information can often change with the publishers. We aim to ensure all information is checked regularly. If you notice any information is incorrect then please contact

The Library can:

  • assist by providing access to API keys when they are included in our subscription.
  • assist with vendor liaison for projects that are willing/able to pay any additional API fees required (initial access or additional calls)

We cannot:

  • provide development or technical support beyond getting access to keys
  • add API access to subscriptions where there is an additional fee
  • purchase extras within the subscription licence period if all our available calls/downloads are used

Conditions of use

  • API data can ONLY be used for non-commercial use
  • access cannot be provided to anyone outside the organisation, including sharing with external funders or research partners
  • API keys cannot be shared with anyone outside the organisation the organisation

Is the API included in our

subscription? (Yes/No)

Does it cost?

How to request

access to API key


(Library Catalogue)

Yes No Contact Ask a Librarian
Elsevier - Scopus Yes No (only for non-commercial purposes) Scopus access
Elsevier - Sciencedirect Yes No (only for non-commercial purposes) ScienceDirect access
Repository (RPR) Yes No RPR access
SciFinder No Yes. Starts from US$20,000 Contact them directly
Web of Science Yes, some are. Not all APIs are free Web of Science Access