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Mendeley - Groups

Mendeley groups allow you to create and join teams of like-minded people


  • Create, curate and grow groups of people according to your needs
  • Control who can join and add materials to your group
  • Use private groups to collaborate directly on materials and share full papers
  • Join existing groups dedicated to sharing knowledge on a particular subject
  • Discover new research and potential collaborators in your field from around the world

Types of groups in Mendeley - check the Guide for more information on types of Groups

Finding Groups to Join

Joining an existing group is a great way to grow your library quickly.  Mendeley has over 100,000 public groups available to join

  •  Visit the profiles of colleagues or contacts who are active on Mendeley to find out which public groups they have joined. Join or follow the same groups to keep up with their activity, and participate in their discussions
  • You may also be invited to join groups by other Mendeley users. Being active and participating in group discussions is an excellent way to build up your list of contacts and to meet new collaborators

Creating New Groups

Anyone with a Mendeley account can create a new Group, but before doing so we’d encourage you to search the existing catalog of public Groups to see if a discussion on your chosen subject is already active
However, if you have a particular purpose or a very specific subject interest, you may want to create your own Group. This can be done either via Mendeley Web or in Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley Web

Complete the details Create Group to finalise your new group. To invite people to your new group, with a custom greeting if preferred or skip this step

Your new Group appears in your list of Groups in Mendeley Desktop, Mendeley Web and - if you’ve made a public Group - on your Mendeley profile

Mendeley Web Library

Make changes to your Mendeley Library on the web by clicking on the "My Library" tab.

Note: Remember to sync in Mendeley Desktop to make sure your changes are active everywhere you access Mendeley.