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Install MS Word Plugin

To install the MS Word plug-in, open Mendeley desktop and select Tools > Install MS Word Plugin

When installed the plugin will appear under References on the Word toolbar



The Plugin is compatible with Word, LibreOffice or BibTeX


Inserting Citations

Ensure the Citation plugin is installed in Word

In the word document, locate the cursor where the citation is to be inserted and from References tab select Insert Citation

  • Search for the required record
  • Select the correct citation and click OK


Create a Bibliography

To create a bibliography, insert your citations as required then click on Insert Bibliography

To change the style, simply highlight the bibliography, then change the selected style from the taskbar

Find Other Citation Styles


Click View > Citation Styles > More Styles to search for citation styles on Mendeley. In the Get More Styles tab search for other styles e.g. "Harvard", "Imperial" or "Durham" and install them in one click.

Mendeley has thousands of styles from all the top journals and institutions worldwide.