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Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network and crowdsourced database with a unique layer of social information research. Mendeley Reference Manager is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. Mendeley Web functions on all major browsers.

CSIRO provides the Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) free for CSIRO researchers

Note: Do not create an account via your institution! Create a separate Mendeley account using your CSIRO email address and a unique password. This will enable you to get the full benefits of the Institutional Edition of Mendeley.

MIE entitles individual users in the group to:

  • 100 GB personal library space
  • 100 GB shared library space
  • Private group size of up to 100
  • Unlimited number of private groups
As of September 2022, Mendeley ceased offering Mendeley Desktop for download from their site and CSIRO removed the software from the Software Center. CSIRO staff can now download Mendeley Reference Manager from the Software Center to manage their Mendeley library.

Top Mendeley Features

  1.  Import Your Reference Libraries from other Reference Managers such as EndNote and RefWorks
  2. Create a Private Group and colloborate with colleagues by reading and annotating together
  3. Choose from one of 7000+ citation styles or create your own
  4. Drag and drop PDFs automatically extract metadata about research papers
  5. Mendeley Reference Manager is available via the Software Center. You can also access your Library and Groups via a major web browser
  6. Search, add papers and see read and citation stats at


Recent Mendeley Updates

What's New in Mendeley Our Most Recent Releases (5.3.2024)

More choices are available when using the 'Copy as citation' function. Import via folder now available. Smoother duplicate deletion available through the 'Duplicates' collection.

Watched Folders are now in Mendeley Reference Manager (16.2.2024)

"Watched Folders allow users to automatically add new documents/references into their library without going through the in-app import flow. All you have to do is drop a file into your Watched folder, and Mendeley will automatically import it into your library."

What's New In Mendeley: Our Most Recent Releases (26.1.2024)

New features added to Mendeley include the ability to merge citations; better ability to import bibtex files; improved navigation of pdfs in your library

What's New in Mendeley: November 2023 (14.12.2023)

New features for November 2023 included an increased number of available keyboard shortcuts; the addition of the 'Unsorted' collection that contains all references not allocated to a user collection; drag and drop import into personal collections from folder, hard drive or external storage; ability to resize table columns when viewing your library.