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Getting Started with Mendeley

CSIRO provides the Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) free for CSIRO researchers

Note: Do not create an account via your institution. Create a separate Mendeley Desktop account using your CSIRO email address and a unique password. This will enable you to get the full benefits of the Institutional Edition of Mendeley.

MIE entitles individual users in the group to:

  • 100 GB personal library space
  • 100 GB shared library space
  • Private group size of up to 100
  • Unlimited number of private groups

Due to security requirements with the use of add-ins in Word, the CSIRO operating environment does not support the Mendeley Cite add-in. Anyone wishing to use the cite-while-you-write function of Mendeley will need to Download Mendeley Desktop from the Software Center.

As of June 2022, we are aware that Mendeley is attempting to get the Mendeley Cite add-in certified which would then open the possibility of the add-in being suitable for use on CSIRO machines. This would then enable CSIRO staff to download and use the Mendeley Reference Manager software. Mendeley intends to discontinue support for Mendeley Desktop some time this year but we do not envisage this occurring until they obtain certification for Mendeley Cite and they have stated that they will provide advance notice before they cease support.


Top 10 Mendeley Features

1. Join the Mendeley Academic Collaboration Network to interact with 3 million like-minded researchers and discover the latest research in your field

2. Import Your Reference Libraries from other Reference Managers such as EndNote and RefWorks

3. Create a Private Group and colloborate with colleagues by reading and annotating together

4. Discover Readership Statistics about the paper you are reading 

5. Showcase your publication history

6. Choose from one of 7000+ citation styles or create your own

7. File organizer functions that make it easy to manage references

8. Drag and drop PDFs automatically extract metadata about research papers

9. Mendeley Desktop is available on Mac, Windows and Linux.  Mendeley Web functions on all major browsers

10. Automate additions to your Library using a 'Watch Folder'