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Artificial intelligence (AI)

This research guide will support your research and learning journey in artificial intelligence.


CSIRO resources

Teams, Viva Engage, Confluence

Several internal communication channels are covering AI. Explore these channels to learn more and follow the conversation.

Policies and guidelines

IMT has drafted guidelines for using generative AI tools. These guidelines cover the risks associated with using generative AI, existing CSIRO policies that apply to generative AI, and the steps that both CSIRO and individuals can take to mitigate these risks.

CSIRO web reports and frameworks

MyCSIRO pages:

  • AI at CSIRO
    Discover insights about Responsible AI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the National AI Centre, and Collaborative Intelligence.
  • Data61 News
     Catch up with all the latest news from across the Data61 space - including previous webinar sessions addressing AI.
    • AI for missions Seminar
      Each month, AI for Missions will be hosting 30 minute lunchtime seminars where project leads share their research.