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Research Impact: Citations and Metrics

This guide outlines tools and strategies to help you discover the impact of your research.

Making CSIRO research visible and measurable

Increasingly, researchers and research institutions need to demonstrate the quality and impact of their research.

Ensuring CSIRO research outputs are accessible and discoverable means:

  • the work reaches a wider audience
  • there is better citation and acknowledgment which contributes to the reputation and recognition of individual researchers and CSIRO
  • more opportunities for funding, collaborations with other researchers and further research advancements.

ePublish and the Research Publications Repository (RPR)

ePublish is CSIRO’s publications approval and reporting system and provides a workflow for the formal review and approval of all CSIRO publications.

The ePublish confluence page contains detailed instructions to help you add new publications or make changes to existing publications, along with what to do if you’re an approver or a reviewer. If you need assistance, please email

CSIRO’s Authorship and Publications Procedure outlines staff responsibilities in relation to using ePublish.


Published content from ePublish is made available in the Research Publications Repository (RPR) which contains records of more than 80 years of CSIRO research and includes journal articles, conference papers, books and reports, some of which contain full-text attachments where copyright and confidentiality conditions permit.

The RPR provides an efficient way for users to search for publications, quickly build a bibliography and report on the impact of their work at CSIRO.

Image depicts the ePublish workflow