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Using BrowZine

BrowZine FAQs

What is BrowZine?

BrowZine brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your iPad or Android tablet and the web for browsing

Like the Current Periodicals area at the library, BrowZine emphasizes current awareness and browsing over focused research or searching

It brings journal content together from multiple publishers and platforms into a single place, where you can save your favorite journals, view the tables of contents, and read or save articles, as new issues are released

Why aren’t all subscribed journals included?

As a new service, BrowZine started with a small set of publishers, and is adding more on a regular basis

Some publishers that are included are AIP, Brill, Cambridge, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, Oxford, Sage and Taylor and Francis. Access to titles should continue to grow, but please use Ask a Librarian to suggest titles, and we will pass the suggestion along to BrowZine

Will it work off site?

Yes! Your BrowZine account is connected to our Library system and will grant you access to the journals and articles we subscribe to

Please connect to the CSIRO VPN (Virtual Private Network) when working offsite

Will BrowZine work without an internet connection?

Articles which have been saved can be found in the Saved Articles area (iOS & Android), and can be read off-line, but other features will not work

Can articles be printed?

BrowZine doesn’t offer a printing function, but articles can be opened in other apps that to allow printing, like Dropbox or iBooks,

Use the icon in the upper right hand corner (three little squares in Android, a rectangle with an arrow in iOS) to open an article in a different app. The apps that are available there will depend on those that you have installed on your device

 How many titles can I store on My Bookshelf?

You can store up to 64 journals on My Bookshelf in 4 Bookcases each with 4 Bookshelves that can hold 4 Titles

What web browsers does support? (Web) utilizes the latest in web technologies to deliver a fast, modern experience. As such, the latest browsers are necessary to deliver this experience to users. BrowZine is tested and works well on:

Chrome version 43+
Safari version 8+
Firefox version 31+
Internet Explorer version 11+