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Subject Guide - Energy

Statistics and Data Sources

Do You Have Data?

Research Data Management Guidelines:

Good data management supports and enables quality research. It involves planning and making decisions about how you collect, organise, manage, store, back-up, preserve and share data throughout its lifecycle.

The CSIRO Data Access Portal provides access to data published by CSIRO across a range of disciplines.

The portal allows for data Deposit, Discovery and Reuse, Management, Sharing and Linking.

Log-in using Nexus credentials to Deposit and Manage data.

CSIRO’s Research Data Management Procedure provides guidance on the data management planning process to enable good data management, and to meet the requirements of the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research, the recommendations of the Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce and the research data management requirements of the CSIRO Code of Conduct.

Need Help with Your Data?

If you would like to discuss your specific needs for data management planning or using the Data Access Portal (DAP), please contact Research Data Support:

Need Help?


Contact: Ask a Librarian

P:   08 8303 8555 or 9838555